Winter Activities to do Before Spring

With Groundhog Day quickly coming, Columbus will soon find out if spring’s coming early or if the brutal winter weather is here to stay. T-shirt and shorts weather is coming sooner or later, but before we’re able to trade in snow boots for sandals, there are a few winter activities that you’ll want to partake in before the fun melts away.

Go ice skating

Whether or not it’s still frozen enough outside to ice skate on a pond, ice skating is a quintessential part of the winter season. Skating novices and pros alike can find fun at ice skating rinks practicing (or showing off!) their skills.

While indoor ice skating is an option, it doesn’t last forever! Most of these locations either convert into roller rinks or close down for the off-season as soon as spring rolls around. Make sure you take advantage ice skating in- or outdoors before it’s too late!

Build a snowman

Childhood is calling for this reminiscent activity. If there’s still snow on the ground where you live, take advantage of the opportunity to channel your inner child. Snowmen are fun to build at all ages, and it’s an activity you’ll want to partake in before the snow all melts away.

Buttons, sticks, rocks, and other decorative items shouldn’t be too difficult to scrounge up for your snowman, but it might be a little more difficult to find your frosty friend a corncob pipe or magic silk hat!

Build a bonfire

Even though you could build a bonfire year round, there’s just something to bundling up and making s’mores by the fire in the wintertime. The chilly weather paired with good company and jumping flames make for a perfect winter night.

If you decide you want to host a winter bonfire, make sure that everyone is dressed in lots of layers. Depending on where you live, the heat from the fire might not be enough to keep everyone warm, so it’s important to stay bundled so that nobody gets sick.

Drink some hot peppermint cocoa

Nothing says winter like a nice, hot cup of minty cocoa. Some coffee shops start selling the classic drink as early as October, but it’s most thoroughly enjoyed on a cold, snowy day. If there’s one drink to sum up the winter season, this is it. Make sure you take part in this activity before spring brings its sweet, sugary drinks.

There are many options for getting your hot peppermint cocoa (or peppermint mocha if you’re a coffee person) fix this winter season. From making it yourself to purchasing it at a coffee shop, to even instant coffee maker pods there’s a way to enjoy the minty drink no matter where you are.

Have you done any of these winter activities? While the weather can be dreary, winter brings about some of the most fun and nostalgic activities with it. No matter how old you are, you’re never too old to enjoy these activities…so make sure you cross these all off your list before springtime!

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