Trips to Take You out of Grove City this Winter

During the Winter, the sun sets earlier, the night winds howl, and the snows pile up outside. But there are ways to fight it! Sometimes all you really need to do is take a trip. Pile into the car, eat at a small diner, see something new. Fortunately, there are so many places to go all around Grove City that you’ll have a tough time picking just one!

  • Warped Wing Brewing Company– What better way to warm up this winter than a trip to a brewery? Warped Wing is a brewery located in downtown Dayton, and is well worth the trip. They offer more than 20 different beers and are constantly coming up with new brews and concoctions. Their taproom is open every day but Monday, and they host a variety of events, from tastings to taproom yoga. They also run the local non-profit ‘Share a Pint, Make a Difference,’ focused on giving something back to the community through partnerships with other local charities. Every Tuesday they donate $1 for each pint sold. So Check them out, share a pint, and see what Dayton has to offer. 
  • National Museum of the United States Air Force– While in Dayton, you can’t miss the Air Force Museum. Dayton has a long history of being associated with flight, starting with experiments done by Orville and Wibur Wright, and the Air Force Museum is a culmination of that. If you’re interested in American military history, this is a must see. Featuring exhibits and actual planes from history, this museum is jaw dropping. There’s something incredibly humbling about seeing an actual B-29 that flew combat missions over Germany during the height of WWII. Talking a walk through time is fascinating, as you can see the progression of flight from biplanes to modern jet fighters. 
  • LVL UP Sports– LVL Up Sports is just fun, plain and simple. What better way to chase away the winter blues than running around with your friends shooting each other with paintballs? Just five miles from Stringtown Road in Grove City, LVL UP is open seven days a week, and available for groups and singles. With six acres of woodsball, scenario fields, X-Ball and more, there’s plenty to keep you occupied all day. 
  • Cleveland- Columbus is great, we all agree, but sometimes you just need to go a little further, and Cleveland is the perfect place to check out! Are you curious about the musical history of the city? Check out the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! Are you hungry? Cleveland has countless incredible restaurants, and is at the forefront of culinary experimentation. Want to catch a show? From the House of Blues, to the Beachland Ballroom, Cleveland has you covered. 
  • Bokes Creek Winery– There are plenty of vineyards in the areas surrounding Grove City and Columbus, and Bokes Creek is worth the trip. Named one of Central Ohio’s best wineries in 2017, that title still holds true. Open Thursday through Saturday, they offer live music on Fridays and hold an open mic on Saturdays. Their live music boasts a variety of different styles, but it’s always fun and happy. Bonus, sometimes they have local food trucks visit, so you can check out all the different flavors of Ohio.

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