Top 5 Reasons to live in Columbus

Many people know Columbus, Ohio as the state capital, but did you know Columbus is the 15th largest city in the US? With more than 822,000 people living in the area, the Columbus city has plenty to offer for all ages. From downtown out to the country, family events and gatherings to nightlife, you won’t be disappointed with this city. With so much to do in the city we wanted to give you the top 5 reasons to live in Columbus and why so many others have already chosen to life here.


• Columbus is smart


Did you know that Columbus, Ohio was named one of the seven smartest cities in the world by The Intelligent Communities Forum? We must be doing something right to have such an amazing nomination. A combination of our incredible colleges, cultural events and library systems all wrapped into one is what brings the truth out in being one of the seven smartest cities in the world.


• Food in Columbus is amazing!


We don’t have a particular cuisine here in Columbus, because we have everything! Pizza by the slice at Late Night Slice, Thurmanator from Thurman’s Café, chilli dogs from Dirty Franks, the list goes on and on. Columbus even has the ever-popular North Market, which is basically a shopping mall for food J.


• Central Ohio is a family friendly city


Remember, Columbus is known as one of the seven smartest cities in the world. Columbus Ohio is home to Cosi, where kids can play with science. Solve mysteries, pedal across a tight rope, construct gadgets, or watch the pendulum.  Water parks, free movies, and the Columbus Zoo all are combined to energize and motivate the family to get out of the house and spend some quality time together.


• The Columbus Zoo


Enter the wilds at the local zoo! There is a reason The Columbus Zoo is in the “Top 10 Best Zoos in America” lists everywhere. The Zoo is always adding more animals and exhibits inside the gates. The new Heart of Africa exhibit just recently opened with some spectacular habitats of giraffes, lions and more. If “Top 10 Best Zoos in America” wasn’t enough, we also have our very own Jungle Jack.


• We are a very friendly and welcoming city


Take a tour around Columbus, walk downtown, go to the zoo, enter any of the amazing restaurants and you will find people that have good energy and a big smile on their face :). Don’t take our word on it until you experience the awesome city, known as Columbus, Ohio.

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