Tips for Moving to a New Area

Whether you’re going across your state or across the country, moving somewhere new can be an intimidating experience. You won’t know your apartment, your neighborhood, or your city. But while that sounds scary, it doesn’t have to be– it’s an opportunity! You can find a new favorite restaurant, coffee shop or bar. Uncover hidden gems in a new city, find cute shops you never would have known existed, and learn what makes your new area special. You just have to get out there and explore. Learn all about the best ways to acclimate yourself to a new area below!

Frame Your Move- Going at your move with the right mindset is absolutely critical. If you approach your move negatively, you’ll see everything in a negative light. The restaurant down the block won’t compare to your old, the coffee won’t taste as good and the downtown will feel sparse and unfinished. Try to stay positive and accepting of the new experience and environment, and see what makes it special, not what makes it different. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with the result. 

Unpack and decorate- Unpacking and decorating is a huge step in making a new apartment feel like home. Living amongst half-emptied boxes will do nothing but highlight the fact that you are in a new and unfamiliar place. Decide where things go, and put them away. We can’t stress this enough– unpack. Finding a home for your things, especially essentials like cookware, will give you a feeling of normalcy. Once you’ve unpacked, it’s time to decorate. Having an old picture up or a favorite blanket out will truly make the apartment feel like your own. 

Explore- Learning about your new home is so important when moving somewhere different. So go out and explore! Walk the streets, visit shops, and find out what makes this area unique. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find your next favorite cafe, a beautiful hiking trail, or somewhere special that you’ll come back to again and again. But don’t forget to keep an eye out for the necessities like grocery stores and pharmacies. 

Say “Yes”- This is an important concept and one that many people struggle with. Say “yes” to every opportunity that you come across. Trivia night at the bar down the road? Yes! Meet and greet in your apartment complex? Sure! Being open to new experiences and groups will help you get to know your area and its people better than anything else. People typically love to help each other, and the instant they learn that you’re new to the area, they’ll be so excited to show you their favorite spots and things to do. There’s no better way to meet new friends than putting yourself out there, and you may find a group that you really get along with. 
Give Yourself Time- Even with the right mindset, the perfect apartment, and a new favorite hangout, you still may find yourself homesick– and that’s okay. Even after doing everything right, moving somewhere new can still be scary. Give yourself time to acclimate. Becoming comfortable doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time and effort. Sometimes you fall in love with a new place instantly, but other times it can take a while to truly discover its charm. And don’t worry. If you truly don’t enjoy somewhere, you can always move. You already did it once, you can handle it again.

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