The Best Coffee Shops in Grove City

Looking for that caffeinated pick-me-up but not sure where to head? Maybe you’re new to town and are in need of a place to meet up with friends to grab a snack and a cup of coffee. Whatever the case, we’ve got your coffee needs covered. Whether you are interested in a trusted coffee chain or a local go-to, these locations will satisfy your caffeine craving.

Jolly Pirates

This Grove City staple and local favorite has been in operation for over 30 years. While this location closed temporarily earlier this year, it has recently reopened and is back in business. Not only does Jolly Pirates serve delicious coffee, but they are locally renowned for their donuts and pastries. In fact, they were voted by WCMH-TV as one of the top 10 best doughnut shops in Central Ohio, which solidifies their status as a pastry powerhouse. Jolly Pirates offers a wide selection of seasonal, themed, and classic donuts and pastries, which promises that there will be something for everyone. However, the best part about this place is that it is open 24 hours, for all of your late night donut cravings.

Sunny Street Cafe

Looking for a good cup of joe and bite to eat? This much-loved chain proudly serves breakfast and brunch in one convenient location, all while brewing delicious Sunroast Premium coffee. Sunny Street Cafe is open daily from 6:30 am to 2:30 pm, and luckily for those who enjoy sleeping in late, they serve breakfast all day. This location is owned by Grove City natives, so make sure to stop in and say hi!

Transcend Coffee Roasters

Formerly known as Impero Coffee Roasters, this coffee roasting company recently underwent a location and name change. Impero is now Transcend, and has moved from McDowell road to the heart of Grove City. While the new location is not yet open, look forward to a grand opening in the near future.

While there’s been a change in name, there has not been a change in quality. Like Impero, Transcend will also sell and serve a variety of coffee related items at reasonable prices. Also like Impero, Transcend upholds a commitment to acquiring their coffee beans fairly, and maintaining positive relationships with their sourcers.


This name does not need much introduction. This fan favorite has four convenient locations in Grove City, each ready to serve you a wide variety of hot and cold drinks. Starbucks offers caffeinated and decaffeinated options, as well as teas, smoothies, and other specialty beverages. However, Starbucks boasts not only drinks, but has plenty of delicious sandwiches, box meals, and light snacks as well. Not to mention, all of their coffee beans are acquired fairly.

Tim Hortons

Like Starbucks, Tim Hortons is a fan favorite. An originally Canadian company that spread to the United States over 20 years ago, Tim Hortons serves up coffee, donuts, hot meals, and snacks. Not only do they have a diverse and delicious menu, but they are also invested in their relationships with their coffee farmers. Tim Hortons is also dedicated to ensuring that the coffee they serve is produced in an environmentally conscious and ethical manner.

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