Pool Safety Tips

The dog days of summer are here and there is no better way to stay cool than hanging by the pool! Swimming can be fun for those of all ages, but safety always comes first. Make sure you are always careful when spending time cooling off at the pool this summer! Here are a few tips to always follow to make your pool days as enjoyable and safe as possible!

Make sure to watch your children. What seems like common sense is too often pushed aside. Young kids should always be under the supervision of an adult. Make sure they have the proper pool safety tools too like flotation devices. Lather children up with plenty of sunscreen. No one likes sunburn! But don’t forget to put some on yourself as well!

No diving! Without an experienced lifeguard on staff, it can be very dangerous to dive into a shared pool. It may be dangerous for other swimmers, and it could be potentially fatal to the diver if the pool is too shallow. No running either! It’s easy for kids and adults alike to slip and injure themselves while running in a pool area.

Always avoid alcohol and no glasses bottles of any kind whatsoever! This means no drinking both before and during swimming and whenever you’re near water—even during a pool party. It is always important you can be alert and have a clear head when swimming!

Survey the pool area. It’s a good idea to become as familiar as possible with the area you’ll be swimming. Know where to exit from the pool and from the gate. Make note of where the pool drains, pipes and openings are located. Children should stay away from any parts of the pool that have suction features.

It’s not a requirement, but knowing CPR is always a good idea and classes are not hard to come by. Knowing this first aid skill could save a life if someone who doesn’t know how to swim falls into the pool.

Always bring your phone with you! Some people go to the pool to take a break from their electronic device and to “unplug”, but in the case of emergency, its best to have it at all times. You can still make yourself stay off of it while enjoying the weather.

Unfortunately, pool season doesn’t last forever. Make sure to follow these pool safety tips to keep your pool experience fun all summer long! If you ever find yourself bored, broke and looking for something to do, grab a towel and head down to the pool!

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