New Grove City Library

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New Grove City Library

Are you wondering what the construction at the intersection of Grant Avenue and Broadway is all about? If you haven’t heard yet, this central location will be home to Grove City’s new public library.

Since 2012, plans have been discussed to build a new public library, making it the center point of Grove City’s historic Town Center. Partnering up with Southwest Public Libraries has turned the idea into a possibility.

On June 9th, the Southwest Public Libraries Board of Trustees voted unanimously to approve the final version of the contract with Grove City for its new library. The new 45,000 square feet, two-story library will be built as a replacement for the overcrowded existing library at 3359 Park Street. The building will feature two entrances, the main one facing Broadway and the other opposite of the parking lot. The Broadway entrance will have a prominent curved glass feature as a statement piece of the building.

The completion date for the new library is not yet known, but construction work began in late June. We are excited to see Grove City’s latest public library unveiled, and increase reading among our community!

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