Indoor Plants: Care and Maintenance Tips


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Outdoor plants are a perfect home addition during the warmer months, but fast-approaching fall air means that you’ll have to start transitioning towards indoor plants. Indoor greenery is a quick and easy way to add life to any living space; from easy breathing, releasing water, and sharpening focus, these plants also come with many benefits.

To ease the commitment of caring for and sustaining the life of indoor greenery, we’ve put together this list of tips and tricks for apartment-dwellers like you to prolong the life of your indoor plants.

If you’ve never experimented with indoor plants, try starting with air plants or cacti.

Indoor plants can be difficult to manage, especially when having to navigate proper light sources and water levels. If you’re interested in getting started with indoor plants, but don’t know where to start, try air plants or cacti. These plants are easy to maintain, which means they are the perfect way to experiment with indoor greenery without too big of a commitment.

Both of these types of greenery only require water once a week, and need minimal to no sun. This is perfect for apartment-dwellers whose rooms have little direct sunlight or face another building as opposed to open sky.

Keep an eye on the water levels and drainage of your plants.

When renting, you want to minimize potential damage to the space. From water leaking out of pots, to spilled dirt, and everything in between, keeping indoor plants can make it difficult to keep your space clean.

An easy way to help keep water from leaking out onto the floor is to place rocks into your planters. Rocks help maintain the balance between wet dirt and dry dirt–which means that you are less likely to experience leaks or spills.

Another way to prevent leaks is to keep a close eye on your plants’ water levels. Try sticking your finger into the soil about an inch deep to see if the soil is still moist; if so, it’s not time to water yet. Ensuring that the soil remains at proper moisture levels means that you’ll drastically lower your chance of leaks.

Before purchasing a plant, make sure to do your research.

It can be tempting to purchase the first plant listed as “indoor” at the market. There are a large variety of indoor plants each with their own pros and cons. Make sure you do your research on the type of plant you want to purchase before bringing it into your home to ensure that you are prepared to care for it.

Some plants provide health benefits, and others have a primary purpose of adding some natural beauty to your space. If health benefits are important to you in choosing your plant, research is essential for coming home with the perfect plant.

Indoor plants definitely come with a bit of a learning curve regardless of where their new home will be; however, apartment-dwellers have their own list of potential roadblocks related to owning and caring for an indoor plant.

If the impending cool, crisp, fall air has you debating getting a plant, hopefully this will help you care for and maintain your perfect indoor greenery.

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