Decorating Your Apartment to Make it Your Own

Moving can be so stressful. From deciding on cities and neighborhoods to packing and picking an apartment, there’s a lot to deal with. Fortunately, once that’s one, you get to the fun part– Decorating! Decorating is a great way to make your new house or apartment into a home. You can have your own personality shine through, with highlights, themes, and layout. Looking for a way to start? Let the experts at Grove City Summit help!

What’s your inspiration- What sort of homes speak to you? When starting out, it always helps to decide on a color theme, and go from there. Are you a fan of classic coastal shiplap, complete with the nautical blue and white theme? Or do you prefer modern chic with complimentary furniture? Your preference in style will help guide the rest of your interior design. From warm autumn colors, to cool winter and pastel spring, having a comprehensive will pay off in the long run. 

Consider your space- While a new apartment may feel like a clean canvas, available for endless possibilities, there are still restrictions. When decorating, it’s important that you consider the space you have. You may find an incredible piece of furniture that, unfortunately, just doesn’t fit. Instead of trying to cram that three-piece sectional in a twelve-foot space, you may need to find something a little smaller. Understanding how to deal with your space will let it flourish.

Don’t lose what makes your home your own- When deciding on how to design your home, it’s important to not to lose yourself to trends. Your apartment may look like it’s in Interior Design magazine, but it won’t feel yours. No one needs half a dozen white vases with dried flowers. What’s important to you? If you’re an artist, try hanging some of your own art on the walls. Do you travel? Find a place for your favorite souvenir. Putting yourself in your decoration will make your house truly feel like home. 

Don’t be afraid to merge styles- When decorating your home, it’s important to make it feel like your own. If you like several styles, don’t be afraid to use them all! A highlight piece can be a great juxtaposition in a more monochromatic room. But be aware, it’s easy to overdo it. Clashing patterns can be fun, but can easily transition to being too much
Realize that it’s a process- Interior design is always going to be a process. If you find a piece that’s too big, maybe settle for something else until a new piece speaks to you. Don’t be afraid to take things in a new direction. Maybe you’ve had the same painting up for ten years– Don’t be afraid to leave it behind. This is your space, decorate it the way you want. It’s a constant work in progress, enjoy the journey!

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