Best Local Columbus Coffee Shops




Best Local Columbus Coffee Shops

Your early morning caffeine fix is a necessity for most in the morning. We found some of our favorite local coffee houses within the Columbus area. With many local hot spots we chose our top three picks for you to try!

One Line Coffee

Established in 2009, by a father son duo, they opened their Columbus location the Short North Coffee Bar in 2013. Everyday they are brewing 4 of their fanatic current offerings, as well as a selection of our 3 high-end teas. With their specialty, a honey latte serviced hot or cold is a great way to start off the day.

Impero Coffee Roaster

Our own local Impero Coffee Roaster located right off of McDowell Rd is a must for this list. With their wide range of international light and dark roasts these are a great way to wake you up in the morning. One of our community favorites is their creamy cappuccino along with a tasty treat off their breakfast and lunch menu makes the commute that much easier.

Stauf’s Coffee Roaster

With 3 locations in the Columbus area is a must visit location, with over 60 coffees to choose from, and the largest tea selection in central Ohio. Stauf’s is known for making their killer rich and creamy espresso shots with numerous flavors. Joining their coffee of the month program is a great gift for any coffee lover to explore the world of coffee.

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