Benefits of Grove City School Districts

schoolMoving into a new rental community can bring out a mixture of emotions: excitement, stress and curiosity to name a few. The Schottenstein Real Estate Group works hard to ensure that its rental communities are placed in areas that are convenient for working adults, and close to school districts that will benefit for our residents’ children. We have examined and outlined the benefits of Grove City’s School Districts to ease your mind.

Grove City, Ohio is home to South-Western City Schools. This school district offers wide-ranging opportunities to a diverse population of students, and is Ohio’s sixth-largest school district.  With over 119 square miles of land, the South-Western School District provides services to over 20,000 students in grades K-12.

One of the worries that parents have is whether or not their child will receive a proper education that is prepared for college. In fact, the South-Western City School District has received the third highest Value-Added Index score among all school districts in the state of Ohio. This will ensure you that your child will be provided with the skills needed to pursue their educational and employment goals upon graduation.


The teachers in the South-Western School District believe that the schools have a responsibility to prepare students to function in, and adapt to, a changing and diverse society. In addition, life-long learning is

Regarding the curriculum, South-Western Elementary Schools have a Third Grade Reading Guarantee, which requires our teachers to do their best to make sure that each student is reading at their grade-level or above by the time they reach the third grade. During Middle School education, the focus is on reading skills, speaking, problem solving, decision-making, and social skills. These skills are reinforced in math, science, social studies, language arts, and technology courses. In High School, students have the opportunity to challenge themselves with the Career-Technical Education Program . Students who pursue this educational path will have the opportunity to take college level courses.encouraged and imparted to the students from elementary school until their senior year.

In closing, we hope that this brief analysis of South-Western Schools has put you one step closer to becoming a resident of Grove City Summit rental community. You can view more information regarding South-Western Schools by clicking here. Learn more about Grove City Summit and our wonderful amenities by visiting us online at

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