Trick-Or-Treat Times 2013 Grove City, Ohio


Everyone knows this time of year when all the ghouls and goblins come out for beggar’s night. Costumes from scary and spooky to funny and comical. No matter what you decide to dress up as, have a creative and unique costume and have fun! The best costumes win prizes at party’s, schools, work or Halloween events and may even get an extra piece of candy at some participating trick-or-treat houses. The more original costumes and more recognizable costumes are sure to win more prizes and get the best candy! Show appreciation for all the holiday contestants and trick-or-treaters and be prepared to give out prizes, candy or other goodies safe for all ages.

Grove City, the night to go out with your family, friends and fellow trick-or-treaters is on Thursday October 31st, 2013 from 6-8pm. Join in on the fun and stay safe this Halloween while following these three simple tips.

1. Never trick-or-treat by yourself, always stay with at least one other person (More costumes the better!).
2. Don’t eat your candy until you get home and check for any unwrapped pieces, tampered candy, or candy not in its original wrapper.
3. Have fun and stay safe!

Have fun this season, as Halloween only comes once a year. Children have the most fun, as they know they can dress up as crazy as they want and walk house to house collecting all the best candy in their trick-or-treat pail or pillow case. If you are not still at the age of going house to house begging for candy and do not have kids at that age, no worries there are still party’s, events and other gathering that many people get together.

Be Safe and have fun!

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