5 Ways to Stay Motivated to Being Fit this Winter

bigstock-City-running-couple-jogging-ou-45657916Winter weather can often times make working out a drag.  It seems to be the time most of us tend to “hibernate.”  Who wants to leave the comfort of their warm relaxing home to go for a run?  With all of the holidays and yummy treats this winter, it should not be a time to give up on your fitness goals.  Here are 5 ways that can help you stay motivated and fit this winter:

1.  Your Mindset – It isn’t just about cold weather and snow, Winter time brings in a whole new season.  A season to start fresh.  Take some time to sit down and write down your previous goals you may not have finished, as well as some new ones.  This will help you see how effectively you are accomplishing your goals and where you can improve.

2.  Get Out and Play – Getting the motivation to workout this time of year can be tough.  If you cannot seem to pull the energy together to get to the gym, try “playing” instead.  You can burn a decent amount of calories, and it doesn’t even seem like work!  Make snow angles, go skiing, or have a snowball fight.  Each of these activities can burn about 250 calories per hour.

3.  Take Up a Winter Sport – If you are competitive, why not try taking up a new sport this winter?  You might try skiing or snowboarding, ice skating or snowshoeing, you might even try some indoor sports like basketball or tennis.

4.  Be Creative at Home – Although the cold may outside, we should never use that as an excuse to stop exercising.  If you do not want to step out into the cold to head to the gym, get creative inside the comfort of your home.  There are countless things you can do.  You could pop in a workout DVD, try out some of the exercise equipment that is collecting dust, or even just use your own body weight for things like pushups and crunches.

5.  Try Something New This Season – By trying new activities, you can refuel your motivation.  Weather it is indoor volleyball, swimming, a bootcamp class, or a spinning class, trying a new activity can help refresh your mind and boost your motivation to workout.  If you find an activity that you enjoy, the exercise aspect of it becomes less of a burden.

There are numerous activities around the Columbus and Grove City Ohio area.  With ski resorts, top notch workout facilities, and other warm fun filled activities, our residents at Grove City Summit should never run out of exciting healthy activities.  For more information contact the Schottenstein Real Estate Group.

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