3 Ways To Cut Your Heating Cost In The Winter


Saving money is at the top of everyone’s to-do-list. With monthly expenses and monthly bills, it is nice to know that you are saving money consistently month-to month on your heating costs. Even in the winter, you can cut heating costs without sacrificing comfort. With our clever heating tips, you could save up to 20 percent with no more than 30 minutes to complete each task.


Buy a Portable Space Heater

A space heater will allow you to turn your furnace down. With a furnace that is turned down 10 degrees, you can save upwards of 10-15 percent on yearly heating costs. With a space heater you have more control over settings and space efficiency. The amount of time you have the heater running, the set temperature, and your decision on what rooms are used most often all give you full control. On average, a space heater with a power of 1500-watts running 16-hours a day (where the heater is off during sleep) would cost you about $2.82 per day.


Cover Windows & Doors With Plastic Film

You may think that this is an unnecessary step when cutting heating costs but in reality, 25 percent of all heating loss in homes comes from the windows and glass doors. If you want to save an average of 14 percent on heating costs, you should stop by your local home center and purchase some plastic film to put over your patio doors and larger windows.


Control Your Thermostat Temperature

Since the 1960s, an average temperature for an occupied room is up to 70° F, and overnight temperatures around 68° F. For optimal efficiency, those temperatures should be 68° F and 60° F, respectively. Lowering the thermostat could save you $100 per year. Save this winter while lowering your thermostat temperature. Every degree you lower your thermostat to, you will be able to save more and more money each month.


We wish you the best this winter while cutting your heating costs and saving money. Our 3 ways to cut heating cost in the winter will save you both time and money, as these are fairly simple to implement. If you have any questions regarding your apartment or would like to rent Grove City Apartments in Columbus, contact us today!


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