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The Top Ohio Ski Resorts

Ohio is known to have crazy weather, with extremely frigid winters. Other than having to bundle up in the cold one thing Ohio has is top ski resorts close by your location. If you are located in the Grove City and Columbus Ohio area you have a couple great options to get on the slopes. Below we have listed some of the best ski ... More

5 Ways to Stay Motivated to Being Fit this Winter

Winter weather can often times make working out a drag.  It seems to be the time most of us tend to "hibernate."  Who wants to leave the comfort of their warm relaxing home to go for a run?  With all of the holidays and yummy treats this winter, it should not be a time to give up on your fitness goals.  Here are 5 ways that ... More

2014 Winter Activities in Grove City, Ohio

The Holiday season is coming to an end as the 2014 New Year has begun. As many of us enjoy the indoors sitting in front of a warm fire during the cold season, several people are planning winter activities and other fun events before the season comes to an end. We wanted to make your winter planning activities easy this ... More