Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Grove City

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It’s (almost) that time of the year again… Do you already know where you’ll be spending New Year’s Eve?! If not, don’t worry! The Columbus Area has some fantastic events to help you ring in the New Year. Whether you have a babysitter or are looking for a family-friendly celebration, we’ve got you covered!

Aladdin Shrine New Year’s Eve Celebration: A License to Kiss

Ring in the New Year, 007-Style! Featuring a gourmet plated meal, host bar, live band, children’s activities and a champagne toast! Only $75 per person or $150 per couple!
This event is open to the public from 6 p.m.-1 a.m.

First Night Columbus New Year’s Eve

First Night Columbus is a great place to celebrate with your family! This substance-free event features a wide array of activities through downtown Columbus. Beginning at 5:30 p.m., enjoy music, film, dance, games, kids’ music, face painters, and creation stations. First Night began in 1995 and is part of an international alliance of more than 100 cities that showcase the visual and performing arts through New Year’s Eve celebrations that are safe, affordable, and fun.

Tickets are $10 until December 31st and are $15 the day of the event.

Family Bowling Party at Sequoia Pro Bowl

Sequoia Pro Bowl provides entertainment for adults and children alike on New Year’s Eve! “Rent a Lane” parties can host up to 6 people and feature laser lights, music, shoe rental, party hats, noisemakers, and pizza for up to six participants.

Family Friendly: (5 p.m.–8 p.m.) includes: unlimited bowling, shoe rental,
a pizza per lane, unlimited pop and $10 in arcade tokens. $99 per lane for up to 6 people

Late: (9 p.m.–1:30 a.m.) Rockin’ Bowl Party includes: unlimited bowling, free shoe rental, and a Champagne Toast to ring in the New Year while the ball drop in NYC on all of our Digital TV screens throughout the center. $120 per lane for up to 6 people.

The Big Bang Dueling Piano Bar: New Years Eve Party

Party along with an all-request Dueling Pianos show that will have you singing, laughing and dancing all night long. Table reservations will sell out, so get your tickets early! There are several ticket options available for this special evening at The Big Bang.

1,001 Hollywood Nights at Hollywood Casino

Take your chances at Hollywood Casino’s 1,001 Hollywood Nights New Year’s Eve Party! Dance all night at the H Lounge, enjoy the buffet and enjoy performances throughout the casino floor all night long! Come back the next day for a New Year’s Day Brunch!

Last, but not least, staying in on New Year’s Eve with friends and loved ones is always just as fun as anything else! We usually relate it to a party or gala dinner on New Year’s Eve, but if you choose to spend the night at home, you will see that there are many advantages and that, in the end, the night has been the same or more fun than going out.

Easy Ways to Decorate Your Apartment for the Holidays

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Easy Ways to Decorate Your Apartment for the Holidays

You always hear about people with over-the-top decorations for the holidays such as huge inflatables, lights on every surface, and maybe even roof ornaments. Extreme forms of holiday decorating are always fun and exciting, but also incredibly difficult to fit into your apartment. Even still, just because you live in an apartment doesn’t mean you have to downsize the holiday decor.

Every square inch of your space has the potential for decorating; you just have to get creative. If you’re looking for a guide to easy holiday decorating in a smaller area, you’re in luck. Here are some of our picks for the ingenious ways to go big on your decorating.

Decorate for your nose

Who said decorations were only a matter of sight? One of the easiest ways to get in the holiday spirit is decorating for your nose. Whether you’re a potpourri devotee or a candle connoisseur, you’re sure to find a festive scent to liven up your home with holiday spirit.

If you have a scent sensitivity and don’t want candles or aerosols wafting throughout your home, try baking cookies or keeping cinnamon sticks out and about. The smell of the holiday in any form will put you in a festive mood, so if you’re cramped on space, try decorating for your nose instead.

String lights

These are a super easy (and super affordable!) way to decorate for the holidays. Hanging strings of lights around your TV or windows brightens up a whole room and fills it with a festive energy.

These are also one of the most fun decorations for the holidays because you can get very creative. Hang them from your walls, windows, ceilings, or anywhere else you can think of. String lights hardly take up any room and are a surefire way to bring festivity to your apartment.

Hot glue snowflakes

Looking to put your artistic side to use for a little holiday decorating? Try your hand at hot glue snowflakes on your windows. It’s an almost foolproof decorating trick, you just plug in your glue gun and start drawing.

These are the perfect holiday decorations for apartments because they peel right off the windows at the end of the season, and they take up absolutely no space. The only caveat to this is to make sure your glue gun is on low heat…cold windows and hot glue can make for shattered glass!

Throw pillows

Throw pillows are the absolute easiest way to decorate for any season; simply switch them up every few months for an entirely new look! Toss a few on your couches, chairs, and beds for a quick holiday transformation.

Maybe you’ll choose to DIY your throw pillows, or maybe just purchase some cute, ready-made ones. Either way, throw pillows have a way of completely transforming a space and will be the simplest holiday decorating technique you’ve ever come across.


This is another incredibly simple way to decorate for the holidays. You can place a wreath on your windows, front door, or even on your cabinets. They are undeniably festive, and also won’t take up much room in your home.

You can have wreaths made for any time of holiday that you celebrate, which makes it also one of the most versatile decorating techniques.

Apartment-dwellers often run across the issue of having little space to decorate, which can be frustrating. Living in an apartment doesn’t necessarily have to mean, though, that you can’t be festive. Hopefully, these tips spark your creativity and help your apartment become a little more jolly without taking up too much space.

Trick-or-Treat In Grove City

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It seems like October just began a few days ago, but already Halloween is right around the corner! Trick-or-treating is probably the most looked-forward-to part of Halloween, but it can come with detrimental problems when not done safely or correctly.

No matter where you’re trick-or-treating it is important to go at the times suggested by the community. While you’re welcome to start early to stay late, the recommended times are chosen because they are the safest for the community and allow families to have the best Halloween experience with the lowest amount of safety concerns.

Beginning your trick-or-treating early means that families may not be ready for visitors, and staying out late runs the risk of danger due to reduced visibility and fewer people being out and about. The city of Grove City, Ohio has scheduled their trick-or-treat festivities and Boo on Broadway to occur on the evening of Halloween: Tuesday, October 31 beginning at 6 PM and lasting until 8 PM.

While we all hear the horror stories of children getting sick from poisoned candy or injured from razor blades in their caramel apples, these threats are not nearly as likely to occur as Halloween car accidents are. It is very important to take extra precaution on Halloween night whether you’re operating the vehicle or in the streets with them.

Make sure you’re instructing your trick-or-treaters to look both ways before crossing the street and to walk instead of run to houses. Having a map of the neighborhood is a good idea so that nobody gets lost, and at least one person in the group should have a cell phone with them in case of emergency. If you plan to be driving on Halloween, make sure you’re going slower than normal and looking out for little ones whose excitement might make them forget to check for oncoming traffic.

Other injuries can be caused from improperly made costumes. Make sure your costume and your kids’ costumes do not cover the eyes and are a proper length. Capes, skirts or dresses, or long pant legs can cause a person to trip and fall, causing injury. Sturdy, comfortable shoes should also be worn, considering the amount of walking that will be done on Halloween night.

Trick-or-treating is meant to be a fun and exciting part of Halloween. With the right preparation, it can be enjoyed fully and with as few problems as possible. Grove City families, get ready for trick-or-treaters on the 31st beginning at 6 PM; and Grove City trick-or-treaters, get ready for a fun and exciting Halloween night and Boo on Broadway in a couple weeks!

The Best Coffee Shops in Grove City

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Looking for that caffeinated pick-me-up but not sure where to head? Maybe you’re new to town and are in need of a place to meet up with friends to grab a snack and a cup of coffee. Whatever the case, we’ve got your coffee needs covered. Whether you are interested in a trusted coffee chain or a local go-to, these locations will satisfy your caffeine craving.

Jolly Pirates

This Grove City staple and local favorite has been in operation for over 30 years. While this location closed temporarily earlier this year, it has recently reopened and is back in business. Not only does Jolly Pirates serve delicious coffee, but they are locally renowned for their donuts and pastries. In fact, they were voted by WCMH-TV as one of the top 10 best doughnut shops in Central Ohio, which solidifies their status as a pastry powerhouse. Jolly Pirates offers a wide selection of seasonal, themed, and classic donuts and pastries, which promises that there will be something for everyone. However, the best part about this place is that it is open 24 hours, for all of your late night donut cravings.

Sunny Street Cafe

Looking for a good cup of joe and bite to eat? This much-loved chain proudly serves breakfast and brunch in one convenient location, all while brewing delicious Sunroast Premium coffee. Sunny Street Cafe is open daily from 6:30 am to 2:30 pm, and luckily for those who enjoy sleeping in late, they serve breakfast all day. This location is owned by Grove City natives, so make sure to stop in and say hi!

Transcend Coffee Roasters

Formerly known as Impero Coffee Roasters, this coffee roasting company recently underwent a location and name change. Impero is now Transcend, and has moved from McDowell road to the heart of Grove City. While the new location is not yet open, look forward to a grand opening in the near future.

While there’s been a change in name, there has not been a change in quality. Like Impero, Transcend will also sell and serve a variety of coffee related items at reasonable prices. Also like Impero, Transcend upholds a commitment to acquiring their coffee beans fairly, and maintaining positive relationships with their sourcers.


This name does not need much introduction. This fan favorite has four convenient locations in Grove City, each ready to serve you a wide variety of hot and cold drinks. Starbucks offers caffeinated and decaffeinated options, as well as teas, smoothies, and other specialty beverages. However, Starbucks boasts not only drinks, but has plenty of delicious sandwiches, box meals, and light snacks as well. Not to mention, all of their coffee beans are acquired fairly.

Tim Hortons

Like Starbucks, Tim Hortons is a fan favorite. An originally Canadian company that spread to the United States over 20 years ago, Tim Hortons serves up coffee, donuts, hot meals, and snacks. Not only do they have a diverse and delicious menu, but they are also invested in their relationships with their coffee farmers. Tim Hortons is also dedicated to ensuring that the coffee they serve is produced in an environmentally conscious and ethical manner.

Stay Active This Summer!

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Stay Active This Summer!

When the temperature rises, you might feel tempted to sit in front of your air conditioner instead of heading to the gym. To help motivate and inspire you to keep working hard this season, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite ways to stay active this summer!


Swimming is a no-brainer way to stay fit! Not to mention it’s a great way to stay cool even when it’s super hot outside! Treading water alone for an hour can burn up to 400 calories and give your legs a great workout. For those who are looking for more of a challenge, swimming freestyle laps for an hour burns between 700-800 calories!


Riding your bicycle is another activity that lets you go at whatever pace you choose. Take a stroll through the park and enjoy the nature by yourself or with friends. If you want to test your endurance, hit the nearest trail or path and check your speed! Always be aware of other people you may be sharing any pathways! Also, if you are skilled enough to venture onto an actual road, remember to wear bright colors, so cars will be aware of you and use hand signals.


Running a set of bleachers or in a hilly area for just 20-30 minutes can keep you in great shape! This exercise will keep your calf muscles toned and your endurance in top condition. Set a goal and try to get in shape to run a 5K at the end of the summer! Having something to work for will motivate you!


Rollerblading can be tricky at first, but with some practice, you could be a pro in no time! This activity is a great exercise for those who like to run, but need to reduce the impact of their legs hitting the pavement. But not only do you get a great leg workout while rollerblading, but you also work your core while balancing!

If you like to follow a particular workout routine, but you aren’t sure how just use your laptop in your living room or outside! YouTube is a great source for looking up almost any kind of exercise taught by a trainer or instructor. Most videos require none to minimal equipment and take you step-by-step through work out movements.

Pool Safety Tips

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The dog days of summer are here and there is no better way to stay cool than hanging by the pool! Swimming can be fun for those of all ages, but safety always comes first. Make sure you are always careful when spending time cooling off at the pool this summer! Here are a few tips to always follow to make your pool days as enjoyable and safe as possible!

Make sure to watch your children. What seems like common sense is too often pushed aside. Young kids should always be under the supervision of an adult. Make sure they have the proper pool safety tools too like flotation devices. Lather children up with plenty of sunscreen. No one likes sunburn! But don’t forget to put some on yourself as well!

No diving! Without an experienced lifeguard on staff, it can be very dangerous to dive into a shared pool. It may be dangerous for other swimmers, and it could be potentially fatal to the diver if the pool is too shallow. No running either! It’s easy for kids and adults alike to slip and injure themselves while running in a pool area.

Always avoid alcohol and no glasses bottles of any kind whatsoever! This means no drinking both before and during swimming and whenever you’re near water—even during a pool party. It is always important you can be alert and have a clear head when swimming!

Survey the pool area. It’s a good idea to become as familiar as possible with the area you’ll be swimming. Know where to exit from the pool and from the gate. Make note of where the pool drains, pipes and openings are located. Children should stay away from any parts of the pool that have suction features.

It’s not a requirement, but knowing CPR is always a good idea and classes are not hard to come by. Knowing this first aid skill could save a life if someone who doesn’t know how to swim falls into the pool.

Always bring your phone with you! Some people go to the pool to take a break from their electronic device and to “unplug”, but in the case of emergency, its best to have it at all times. You can still make yourself stay off of it while enjoying the weather.

Unfortunately, pool season doesn’t last forever. Make sure to follow these pool safety tips to keep your pool experience fun all summer long! If you ever find yourself bored, broke and looking for something to do, grab a towel and head down to the pool!

Summer Festivals In Columbus

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A great part of summer time is the many options of events or festivals to attend! They allow you to pursue current interests and discover new loves and hobbies in your life. With the many different neighborhoods in Columbus, there are endless opportunities of things to explore, foods to try, music to listen to and people to meet!

Below are a few of the festivals happening this summer. Get your calendars out and start marking in dates for fun-filled weekends!

Summer Sizzle Concert Series

Enjoy some live music in Downtown Grove City every Friday this summer until August 18th! Bring a chair and some snacks to Grove City Town Center. The music begins at 7:00 p.m. and lasts until 9:00 p.m.

Ohio Wine Festival

If you’re a certified wine-o or just want to try out some local wineries, head to the Ohio Wine Festival at the North Market! The festival lasts all weekend, July 7-9 and will include a farmer’s market on Saturday and entertainment throughout the whole weekend.

German Village Art Crawl

Hang out in the beautiful German Village for the 14th Annual German Village Art Crawl on July 15. Macon Alley will be transformed into an art gallery and celebrate the patronage of art that thrives in this historic neighborhood.

You can enjoy live music and artistic demonstration while sampling food from participating restaurants.

Grandview Hop

Check out what’s happening in Grandview at the Grandview Hop! Half a mile of Grandview Avenue will be taken over with live music, local shopping and merchants, amazing art, food and fun activities for everyone.

Discover unexpected finds like handcrafted clothing and jewelry, handmade paper and leather goods! This event will take place on Saturday, June 24, Saturday, July 29, 2017, Saturday, August 26, 2017, and Saturday, December 9, 2017.

Jazz and Rib Fest

Enjoy three days of continuous jazz and ribs at the famous Columbus Jazz and Rib Fest! This event takes place Friday, July 21-Sunday July 23.

There will be three stages that will host local, regional and international jazz artists, while barbecue masters serve their own ribs, chicken and more. Try the best ribs from around the country as 23 award-winning barbecue teams compete for the “Best Ribs”.

Columbus Food Truck Festival

If you’ve ever seen the many different types of food trucks driving around Columbus and they’ve piqued your curiosity, this is a must-attend event for you! This is the Midwest’s largest food truck festival with around 60 different food trucks to try!

This foodie feast begins Friday, August 18 and continues through Saturday evening with great food, live music and special events. The event will take over Bicentennial Park, Scioto Mile and Rich Street Bridge.

Best Metro Parks Around Columbus

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It’s almost summertime here in Columbus! One of the easiest and (and cheapest) ways to spend time by yourself or with friends is check out the many great metro parks located around the city. Taking a quick trip to one of these is a great chance to escape the hustle and bustle of city life for a few hours.

Highbanks Metro Park

Highbanks gets its name from the 100-foot-high shale bluff towering over the Olentangy State Scenic River. It is located near Powell and Lewis Center In the park, streams have created many deep ravines in the eastern part of the 1,159-acre park. The Coyote Run and Overlook trails combined make for five miles of hiking. Along with forests and river views, you’ll also come across Adena mounds and another prehistoric earthwork.

Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park

Escape the city and head to the west side of Columbus. Only 20 minutes away from downtown, Battelle Darby Creek offers more than 7,000 acres of forest and 20 miles of hiking trails. This giant park stretches along 13 miles of the Big and Little Darby creeks. Bison has also been reintroduced to the park and freely roam with in two of the enclosed pastures.

Sharon Woods Metro Park

This 761-acre park is located in Westerville and is made up of forests, fields and 11-acre lake. The Edward Thomas Nature Preserve sits inside the small park and is named after renowned Ohio naturalist and one of the founders. Seasonal pools associated with the swamp forest communities are present in the park. These pools provide critical spring breeding habitat for amphibians and other wildlife. There are four miles of paved trail perfect for bicyclists. Those looking to go off the beaten path will enjoy the three miles of nature trails that wind along the wetlands.

Slate Run Metro Park

Slate Run is located near Canal Winchester and features a variety of habitats including open area grasslands, wetlands, meadows and forested areas. The park is 1,705 acres with a 156-acre wetland. Combine the Bobolink, Kokomo and Sugar Maple trails for a 6-mile tour through the full spectrum of biomes

There are so many great parks to choose from and they can fit the specific interests of all visitors, whether you go to get your exercise in for the day or to spend your time leisurely, taking in all the nature. No matter what you choose to do at one of these parks, they are a great place to get some fresh air and relax!

How to Prepare Your Apartment for Spring and Summer

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Spring is here and summer is right around the corner, which means sweltering temperatures, tornado warnings, and big invasions are coming. Before summer hits in full force, it best to get your apartment prepared. Embrace those lazy, hazy days of summer with a few simple chores that, done in advance, will make your summer a warm, leisurely breeze. Here are some ideas in regards to what you should do to prepare your home for summer.

Freshen Your Airflow

No one wants to suffer through those dog days of summer, so to ensure a cool summer, some simple airflow updates are a must. Turn your ceiling fan to counter-clockwise. In other words, make sure your fan’s blades are tilted upward as they spin; this pushes the air downward and creates a stronger draft. In addition, replace the air conditioner’s filter or have your central air looked at by a professional. By doing this, you will have an easier time breathing in the sweltering summer heat.

Say Goodbye to Winter

Simple, seasonal changes to your interior design can make your apartment fit for summer. You can update your space with lighter and brighter accessories. Let go of anything that elicits heat: get rid of heavy rugs and curtains, thick blankets and fire logs. You can replace candles with fresh flowers and switch your winter weather mats with lightweight white ones. With these updates, winter will be long gone and out of mind.

Flip Your Garage

Say goodbye to your snow blower, shovels, snowboards, and skis! You won’t need any of those items anytime soon. Bring forward all of those summer sports gear including the lawn mower, sprinkler and garden tools. Fill your garage also with backyard sports items like cornhole, badminton, croquet and bocce ball. When they are upfront and organized, they are easily accessible. You won’t be rummaging through your winter items in order to access those outdoor summer needs.

Set Up Bug Barriers

Summer weather tends to bring out the bugs. Many bugs and insects go into some form of hibernation during the colder months. The minute it starts warming up, the bugs of the summer will begin to flock to your area. There are a number of ways to keep bugs from coming in. Make sure everything is sealed. Check the caulking around your windows and doors, inside and out, and fix any of the drafts and gaps with new weather stripping and caulking. Ask your landlord for professional help!

Stock Up for Summer

It is important to stock up on all of those summer essentials in case of emergencies. Make sure to fill your medicine cabinet with sun block, aloe, and insect repellant. In addition, place picnic blankets and fresh beach towels in your linen closet. For a summer picnic, place your picnic basket in your pantry prepped with colorful summer linens and biodegradable dishware all ready to use.

Spring and summer are the best times to have fun and relax. Take some time to freshen up your apartment so you can enjoy the warm months ahead. These few maintenance tips will surely help you save money and headaches for the summer months to come.


5 Can’t Miss April Events in Grove City

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Spring is in full bloom and there is so much to be excited about in Grove City and Columbus!

Celebrate National Beer Day

April 7 is National Beer Day and the perfect day to support local Grove City and Central Ohio breweries! Celebrate this day by visiting a local brewery such as Grove City Brewing Company, Hop Yard 62, Hoof Hearted, or one of the other dozens of breweries in the area. Many of these breweries have delicious food too, so save room for a tasty meal!

John Mayer Concert

One of the most talented musicians of recent years, seeing John Mayer live should not be missed! Many believe that Mayer sounds even better live than on his albums and he is one of the most skilled living guitarists. Mayer will be performing at the Schottenstein Center on April 12. He recently released new music for the first time in years, so it is bound to be an amazing show of music both old and new. Other great concerts coming to the Schottenstein Center in April include Justin Moore and Lee Brice on April 19 and Chris Brown on April 29!

Ohio State Football Spring Game

The Ohio State Football spring game is an event that should never be missed! If you are suffering from the drought of football since the Super Bowl, then this is definitely the event for you. Tailgate and dress up as you would during the regular season! Enjoy a stadium hot dog, pleasant weather, and the company of good friends and family. Watch the Scarlet and Gray scrimmage in The Shoe on April 15, the day before Easter!

Heritage Cycles Bike Night

Attend an evening bike ride for Heritage Cycles Bike Night! Heritage Cycles, a local Grove City bicycle shop, hosts this event every week and this April is the perfect time to try one out with dozens of other cyclists! During April, the rides will take place on April 5, 12, 19, and 26. There are both short and long routes available, so there is something for anyone! The routes will end at a bar where you will be able to enjoy a discounted drink! Meet the other bikers at Heritage Cycles at 5:30 p.m. and enjoy the ride!

Attend Family Friendly Night at COSI

COSI is one of the greatest attractions in Central Ohio! On April 28, get your family together and attend Family Friendly Night beginning at 5 p.m. Admission is only $11 and offers admission to all of the amazing exhibits including a special screening of a National Geographic film in the Giant Screen Theater. This is the perfect event for the whole family and a great way to experience COSI at a discounted cost.April is bound to be an exciting month in Central Ohio, so start getting excited and filling in your calendar!

April is bound to be an exciting month in Central Ohio, so start getting excited and filling in your calendar!